An Overview of the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) Approach for Understanding and Helping Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges
Sponsored by Needham SPED-PAC, Monday November 19th, 7:00 pm
Needham Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SPED-PAC) invites the community to join us for our November meeting at the Broadmeadow School Music Room, 120 Broadmeadow Road, Needham.  We will be joined by Ms. Beth Edelstein, OT/LPresident/Founding Director, Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges.  Ms. Edelstein will discuss the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach.
The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach, first described by Dr. Ross Greene in his book, The Explosive Child, provides a compelling new framework for understanding and effectively parenting inflexible, easily frustrated children who struggle with frequent meltdowns, noncompliance, and other challenging behavior.  Unlike typical approaches that view challenging behavior as willful and manipulative, Dr. Greene proposes that challenging behavior is best understood as the result of deficits in essential thinking skills that children need for handling frustrating situations, such the word “No” from a parent. The CPS Approach provides specific strategies for preventing meltdowns and for teaching children the lacking thinking skills they need to function more adaptively.
This workshop will provide an overview of the CPS Approach and provide further resources for learning and support. The workshop will be presented by the Foundation for Children with Behavioral Challenges, Inc (FCBC). FCBC (  is a 501(c)3 non-profit that promotes awareness of compassionate and effective approaches for understanding and helping children with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Information about Dr. Greene’s book and the CPS Approach can also be found at:, and


The first 30 minutes will be a time to socialize and have some light refreshments (generously provided by Sudbury Farms).  The presentation will begin promptly at 7:30.
The Needham SPED-PAC exists to serve the interests of the nearly 700 children who participate in the special education program. Our goals are to advocate collectively for the SPED program, to maintain positive and constructive communication between parents and school professionals, and to offer parents and caregivers of special needs children a forum to exchange ideas and learn from each other.
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