Science really rocks in 5th grade!
Our science units are greatly enhanced by the cooperation and assistance of Needham's nationally known Science Center and staff.
Invertebrates and Vertebrates

1. How do animals differ from each other?
2. How does an animal's structure help it to survive?
3. How does a change in the environment affect an animal species?

Worm World
Animal Planet Games
Animal Classification Quest
Simple Machines

1. How do simple machines make work easier?
2. How can simple machines combine to make more complex  machines?
3. How did simple machines evolve to influence the Industrial Revolution and my way of life?
4. How do Newton's laws, #1 and #2 apply to simple machines?

Learn About Simple and Compound Machines
Newton's 1st Law of Motion
Leonardo's Mysterious Machines

1. What causes weather?
2. How does weather affect your life and the lives of people in all parts of the world?